The words 'transitory dust' have floated in the back of my mind for over twenty years now. I don't recall the exact source but I do remember the initial encounter - in a book store as a teenager- sixteen or seventeen years old in the suburbs of Los Angeles- thumbing through books on art or poetry or philosophy most likely. I'm sure I once knew more of the context and the term's origin, but thats gone now. I periodically google 'transitory dust' and buy books that conjure those two words in sequence. I don't believe any of them are the one I had once flipped through- so I'm still searching for that origin story. I always felt those words would at some time be an appropriate title for a work or set of works - and, for now, these works fall under the blanket title of Transitory Dust. Some of these have passed through iterations of Sisyphus Lounge installations or been rearranged or reoriented along the way. For me, these works are static, essentialized and elemental. They are attempted expressions of air, gravity, space, energy and location - invisible things that place our bodies in relationship to a sense of surroundings.

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