Sisyphus Lounge

Thesis Exhibit @ Hunter College, 205 Hudson, NYC 10013 Fall 2020

Posted by i_am_the_andrew to Instagram on 9/20/2020:
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For ten days, maybe it’s even twelve or fifteen days now- I don’t quite recall, I’ve ridden my bike to the gallery. Each day I sift through the past year’s worth of things made, found, accumulated and purchased- things planned for, planned on, hoped for, considered, abandoned and ultimately reconsidered. I filled the gallery space with these things - these things I once hoped would reveal meaning to me. I lovingly kick them around, nudged them, arranged them and rearranged them. Kicking stones. This morning it all settled into place - a moment that made sense. The central element of the space is my bike’s headlamp, now used to skip photons across the dirty floor and reflect off of some sort of dust covered, high-tech-plasticy-alien-like object. The cool, sterile materials somehow feel warm to me here. The headlamp is old now- it used to be a good light - it still shines bright but now the lithium-ion battery drains rapidly. Much of the installation as it sits today is run on rechargeable batteries. Much of my day is spent charging and swapping out the batteries- maintaining the space’s twilight that hovers at the edge of a near hectic haze -- so much energy expended just to keep things unchanged. People stop by and we talk about the work, or life, or whatever- it changes the work - slowly. I want it to change faster - to know something new - for that immediate gratification I’m still so used to- for it to reveal an unknown or to hear a story from a visitor that I could have never imagined. I want to continue reimagining what this space could be.

Each day I plan to return to the gallery and continue rearranging the space- maybe even empty it and start from scratch. I feel satisfied with how it is now. I don’t think it’s time to feel satisfied with how things are. Each day I’ll ride back to the gallery and try again -- maybe more visitors will stop by and help make sense of it all.

Most days I’ll be futzing about from 1p-8p (or 11pm) but DM me if you’d like to stop in so we can make sure the gallery is open for you.

Much love.


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