Artist Statement 2017

this is who I am.
this is what I saw.
this is how it felt.

:: Flux n' Flow ::
an artist statement
(in the form of a 6th grade love poem)

When I paint self-portraits, I’m generally Dutch; when I paint still life, I’m fairly French; I ‘abstract’ like a Russian and mix color like a German; I move paint like de Staël and scrape it down like de Kooning; once drawn to da Vinci, now partial to Derain. I’m hectic like Kirchner, and mundane like Morandi. I drink and gamble with Bacon, tell stories with Kitaj, and paint landscapes with Diebenkorn. Bowing down to DeFeo, I’m a painter of the sentimental breed- archaic, analog, and autobiographical- a decadent aesthete and helpless romantic, indulging in now while scattering homage to painters past.

My subjects shift and flux-- I follow their flow- When the economy is rockin’, I paint fluffy Rococo.

af 2013


:: Fragmented Memories and Transitory Dust or: Reality Aside, I’m Okay ::
an artist statement
(haiku-ish version.. this is not a haiku)

an interaction with life,
a stain of one’s time.
a growing sense of unsettled agitation
oscillating between sentiment and sarcasm

at a point of contention
opposing energies.

immediate and absurd-
cerebral and temporal.

on a path.
recording sensations-
searching for that which lies
between real and imaginary facts.

af 2016

all images copyright andrew foster 2016