Compiling observation, invention, and memory, Foster's surfaces oscillate through, and fuse, an unfiltered range of drawing and painting modes. Space breaks, time folds, and light’s transparency solidifies as his painting language nods to tradition, revealing both a stain of our time and the artist’s inner psyche. As acidic colors permeate naturalistic tones, he fluctuates between sentiment and sarcasm; geometric and organic forms synthesize while realities blur into fictions and mythologies; self-portraits digress into trivialized notions of identity, pastoral landscapes decay, and nostalgic memories morph into fractured flashbacks.

Foster received his BFA from Art Center College of Design in 2004. His paintings and drawings have been the focus of six solo exhibitions at Earl McGrath Gallery, West Hollywood. CA; Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA; Hopper House, Venice, CA; and George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. His work has been included in group exhibits at The Torrance Art Museum, Robert & Tilton, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, and Nye+Brown. Private collections include those of Mark Parker (Portland, OR), Howard Tullman (Chicago, IL), Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter (Los Angeles, CA), Jason Segal (Los Angeles, CA), Kelly Marcel (Los Angeles, CA), Jon Shook (Los Angeles, CA), Vinny Dotolo (Los Angeles, CA), Gary Fleder (Los Angeles, CA), Scott Rosenberg (Los Angeles, CA), Donald Kohler (London, UK), Rosie Marcel (London, UK), the Estate of Earl McGrath (New York, NY), and the Estate of Richard Duardo (Los Angeles, CA), amongst others.

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